The Learning Curve

by Vickie G. Hampton

A Play Reading

Monday, February 28, 2022 • 7:00 p.m.

Cerimon House
5131 NE 23rd Ave.

For nearly two decades, Benjamin “Benny” Craft has been a science teacher at Urban High School. The work is demanding, in fact, all-consuming, but he has put his heart and soul in it because he is dedicated to giving his primarily African American students a leg up in a race where they already lag behind. Now, with his two daughters a few years from college, he is leaving Urban High for a higher-paying job with Privilege High, a private, predominately white school on the other side of town. Exhausted from teaching at Urban, he is looking forward to an environment that is less crowded, has an abundance of supplies, and a student body that is more prepared for his rigorous teaching style. But he’s in for an unexpected lesson – and a learning curve that throws him for a loop.

Directed by William Earl Ray.

Small audience, limited seating.
Proof of COVID-19 vaccination, photo ID and mask required.

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