Pacific Northwest Multi-Cultural Readers Series & Film Festival

August 17 – 20, 2023

The first Pacific Northwest Multi-Cultural Readers (PNMC) Series & Film Festival provides an artistic platform for artists of color and indigenous artists. The virtual event will showcase their new or modified plays, episodic scripts, media, and digital projects to gain exposure. The festival will also provide a platform for artistic development for participating artists and audience interested in continuing arts education or art appreciation.

The festival open to the general public will host the following: Theatrical/Television/Digital Script Readings, Panel Discussions, Workshops, and  Film Screenings.

The opening and closing panel discussions will address challenges playwrights/screenwriters and media/digital media artists of color face promoting their works to the general public.

Lastly, the PNMC Festival will provide social events to engage network, sponsorship, and heritage appreciation.

For festival schedule and tickets visit http://pnmcfestival.org