2018-2019 Season Announcement

 PassinArt: A Theatre Company brings an exciting selection of original shows and local programs:

Staged Reading

Is the Honeymoon Over by Leasharn M. Hopkins

Saturday, August 11, 2018 at 2 pm, Curious Comedy, 5225 NE MLK, Portland, OR.

A play about love, relationships and communication among married couples in the 21st century. Afterward, meet the playwright Leasharn M. Hopkins and enjoy a compelling conversation and book signing with Debrena Jackson Gandy, popular relationships coach, national best-selling author of the Love Lies, and Founder of the Love Academy.  41 to date of her relationship clients and students have gotten married.

Admission price is $15. Tickets available at CuriousComedy.com.

Audition Notice

PassinArt: A Theatre Company 2018-2019 Season Auditions

August 4, 2018-11:00 am-3:00 pm; and August 5, 2018- 3:00-6:00 pm at Oregon Children Theatre (1939 NE Sandy Blvd., Portland)

Hazardous Beauty by Portland Playwright, Bonnie Ratner; and The No Play by John Henry Redwood. To schedule auditions email pa*******@ya***.com or ke********@gm***.com.

Upcoming 2018- 2019 Season

Black Nativity by Langston Hughes – December 2-16, 2018

NEW LOCATION!  Bethel AME Church, 5828 NE 8th Ave, Portland, OR- Black Nativity is a special holiday gospel play that retells the famous nativity story with a majority of African American cast. The play is performed in an uplifting gospel style which includes some traditional Christmas carols. This play has been enjoyed by audiences from all walks of life.

Hazardous Beauty By Portland playwright, Bonnie Ratner – January 25-February 17, 2019

Two women—one black, one white—attend a memoir writing class at a Portland college. As writers, they have license to critique each other’s work, but because this is a class on memoir, what results is often a laser-like critique of each other’s lives—sometimes painful, sometimes sad, sometimes joyful, and often very funny. And because they are here to write about their lives, not just talk about them, they are charged with “coherence,” with making sense of love, work, art and aging, and, together, to explore what all this means at the intersection of gender, race and class. Can they be allies for each other on this writer’s journey or will hard words fly, old wounds fester, and women weep? And what does it matter?

The No Play by John Henry Redwood, Directed by William Earl Ray – March 14-April 14, 2019

The play conveys the racially divided world of Halifax, North Carolina in 1949 during the apex of the Jim Crow era. The title is derived from many “No” signs that dotted the southern landscape during that despotic era in American History. Mattie Cheeks is an African-American woman struggling to raise her two daughters and protect her marriage while surviving the insurmountable effects of racism and bigotry. She finds an ally in Yaveni Aaronsohn, a Jewish scholar who also must endure and overcome the reality of racial intolerance. The play is about deep family bound, profound love and cultural connections. 

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